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Posted on November 30 2017

Established by Lara Butlion and Rebecca Brett, Urbanpaws is a lifestyle pet accessory brand and online shop that allowed the founders to express their creativity, design knowledge and love of pets to develop pet accessories that blended with their own personal aesthetics. With a fresh, bold, and contemporary take on pet accessories, the Urbanpaws online pet store aims to augment the lifestyle of pets and their owners in expressing their unique identity.  

Design, Home Décor and Urbanpaws 

The design inspiration of Urbanpaws comes from bold patterns of the 80’s, Neo-Memphis vogue and the clean lines of monochromatic décor so popular within the South African lifestyle. Brought together, these styles collide to form the basis of the brand’s pet accessory portfolio, including hip dog collars, luxurious beds and waterless on-the-go dog shampoos imported from the UK. Pet owners with great taste in home décor will love the unique style and visual aesthetics that Urbanpaws lend to home interiors.  

Urbanpaws, wants their customers to express pets and their owner’s unique identity – ‘Your Pet. Your Style’. 

Pet accessories and lifestyle trends in South Africa 

The creation of the brand is not by chance, as South Africans are following global trends in pet lifestyle needs. 

According to a recent study conducted by Insight Survey, the global market for pet accessories is expanding, as is the South African pet market. Specifically, two fascinating and exciting local trends are emerging: 

  • Pets are becoming increasingly important to our society, with a growing number of pet owners valuing their dogs and cats as family members – a trend known as ‘The Huminisation of Pets’.  

  • There is a strong movement toward pet parents progressively investing into pet accessories reflecting the love that their pets deserve. 

Altogether, Rebecca, Lara and the rest of the Urbanpaws team are thrilled to introduce the Urbanpaws online pet store to the South African market, and look forward to the journey that lies ahead with their customers.  


“It is a dream come true. At a personal level the whole team is obsessed with their pets. Now, we get to express this love through designing exciting bold, fresh and edgy new products and sourcing new ethical products globally that we always wanted to provide for our furbabies." 

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