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Doggy Day Care - some Do's & Don'ts

Busy, urban lifestyles

Let’s face it, life is busy! We all work hard to afford a good lifestyle for ourselves & our families – that includes our furkids. But working hard means time away from them and the big question then is – How do we manage our work hours and care for our pets simultaneously?

The answer for most of us city-dwellers is doggy day care – a safe and friendly place where we can drop off our dog and collect him at the end of the day, knowing he’s been well looked after. In South Africa, as the population of domestic dogs rise, so too does this trend for urban based doggy day care centres. So what was once a simple & much needed service has now become a fun, stylish and - most importantly - readily available daily go-to for dog owners within their local communities.

Star Paws – a local, Woodstock Doggy Day Care

We love the team at Star Paws! Located in Frere St, Woodstock, Cape Town this locally run day care is headed up by people with an immense passion for dogs. Urbanpaws spotlights their facility this week as part of our day care blog.

The equivalent of doggy heaven, Star Paws Doggy Day Care is a place where dogs can play, bark, drool and sniff as much as they want to (and don't forget the naps). This facility has made it possible for local dog owners to enjoy all the pro's of having a dog, without the con of them spending the day alone at home.

Star Paws Doggy Daycare is open every week day, from 07:30 to 19:00. The facility has three play pens (with more on the way) and dogs are divided up according to age and play style. They even have a super comfy, dog friendly couch where some of the older doggos can spend their days snoozing away in good company. At Star Paws, the dogs are surrounded by their fellow pack mates while being constantly monitored by humans. Dogs are treated to biscuits and walks, as well as the occasional romp in the dog safe park.

Being a pawrent can be stressful at times, as you want only the best for your four-legged child and Star Paws Doggy Day Care makes sure that you can live the city life, knowing that your dog is happily playing the hours away until you return with the kibble.

The Doggy Day Care Do’s & Don’ts

So Urbanpaws together with Star Paws Doggy Day Care, have put together a list of Do’s & Don’ts to help you out when deciding to send your furkid to day care for the first time.


- Visit the day care, check out the facility & staff before dropping your dog off for the first time. Make sure that you agree with their practices and safety of the premises. The facility should make you feel safe & happy leaving your dog at.

- Mark your leash & any other possessions that you take with clearly. With so many paws & parents running around, it happens that things get mixed up. When your stuff is clearly marked, you can be sure that what is yours always end up back with you.

- De-worm and de-flea your dog regularly. Dogs like to share toys, not fleas.

- Be positive & confident when you drop your pooch off the first few times. There’s nothing like a blubbing dog parent to embarrass him in front of all the other dogs on day one. Plus it will make him feel safe & confident too. 


- Think that doggy day care is a substitute for play & walks with you. Dogs crave their human's attention, even if they are getting a ton of play at day care. You should play, train and walk your dog regularly to build up a strong relationship with your dog.

- Forget to keep up to date with your annual vaccinations. It’s important to tell your vet that your dog goes to day care so that the vet can also administer the kennel cough vaccination.  Just like you don't want to pick up the flu when you get on an aeroplane, so your dog doesn't want to pick up the cough when going to day care.

- Since your dog is getting more exercise than compared to staying at home all day, it might happen that your dog starts to lose weight. For most dogs, this is not a bad thing. If you suspect that your dog is getting too thin, think about upping his/her food intake. But do check with your vet first, they will always give you the best advice on health care.

- Forget that dogs are pack animals and their behaviour can be unpredictable no matter how relaxed the environment is. Your pup might have an adjustment period at the start as well as good days & bad days at day care. Dogs learn & enjoy routine so keep at it until he is settled & looks forward to going to play with his friends.




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