Behind the Creative

It’s in our tag line – your pet, your style – and it’s what we’ve come to pride ourselves by, but there’s a lot more behind the brand’s creative. Urbanpaws is more than just a pretty face, since all of our local and international products are all made with comfort, durability and sustainability in mind. Whether it be the Austin and Ché Lead inspired by bold and abstract patterns of the 80’s, or more subtle and clean designs like the Indie and Cleo Beds, one thing remains central to all our products – quality.

Urbanpaws Leads and Collars

We are ethically and environmentally conscious and ensure that all our pet products are sourced and made by the best suppliers. Our leads and collars favour smaller dog breeds as well as cats, and ensure ultimate comfort with their luxe cotton-feel. Custom woven from spun polyester, crafted to prevent fading over time, and durable graphite black components, our leads don’t only ensure longevity, but will have your furbaby looking fab.

Beautiful and Bold Urbanpaws Beds

Sizes, styles, colours, and shapes abound, our pet beds are made with your furbaby’s comfort in mind. All covers are made with both a coated poly-cotton blend as well as a tough nylon base, are removable (can be replaced when desired) and water resistant, and boast zippers that are hidden to deter tough chewers. Our inners are likewise waterproof and have been made with recycled PET fibre, multiple layered compartments, and are lined with a layer of memory foam to maintain shape and form over time. Your furbaby’s wont only have a deep and snug slumber but look great while doing so.

RedDingo and Hownd Pet Accessories

Being sourced all the way from Australia and the United Kingdom respectively, partnering and stocking both pet accessory and grooming brands was subject to multiple quality and design considerations.

Red Dingo’s goal is to “produce the highest quality products that will outlast all of your pet adventures”, and through rigorous quality control measures are able to claim a lifetime guarantee on all their products. Whether it be their Vivid PVC Dog Collars, or Donut Pet Beds, all of Red Dingo products are thoroughly inspected before leaving the factory.

While Hownd likewise holds quality close at heart, their pet grooming products are made with all-natural ingredients and are cruelty-free accredited. Suitable for all breeds, 100% vegan, blended from numerous healthy and essential oils, and a Leaping Bunny accreditation ensure that all pets smell wonderful, feel great, and look even better after a scrub down. With the Cape’s drought situation Urbanpaws brings you a variety of Hownd’s waterless pet grooming products - no water shouldn’t mean that your pooch can’t be beautifully groomed.


The Urbanpaws shop is not just a pretty face, and we’ve gone to great depths to ensure there is substance behind our style. We value both quality and design and trust you’re put at ease knowing how our products are made.

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