Trends in the Pet Apparel Industry

Trends in the Pet Apparel Industry

There are pet owners who may think it is silly or bothersome to worry about clothes for pets when they already have fur and feathers to protect them from changing climates. However, there may be reasons why clothing becomes necessary, such as during winter months, especially with breeds more susceptible to cold weather. 

Functional apparel like collars, leashes, and footwear may also be needed when walking on certain surfaces or hazardous areas. Apparel isn’t always just for show; it can be a means to keep our pets safe and protected. And there are plenty of ways to address your pets’ needs without compromising on style and continuing to be fashionable.

For those pet owners who enjoy choosing to clothe and dress up their furry friends to the nines, you may want to know about the latest pet trends. After all, plenty of people like to dress to show off their personalities and style, so why not let your pet do the same? 

Below you will find some of the top trends in the pet apparel industry.

Dressing for the Seasons and Holidays

Many people dress in specific ways depending on the season and the holiday. Well, why can’t we dress our pets in the same fashion? It is popular to incorporate warm colors like red and orange during fall seasons or even go as far as to dress up your pet in a Halloween costume. 

Thicker fabrics are more trendy during the wintertime, with cooler colors like light blues and grays. Quilted fabrics and holiday patterns in greens and blues work during winter as well and then switch to light, pastel colors in the spring-like lavender and yellow. Having your pet dress in red, white, and blue for Independence Day is fun, and some owners even dye their pets’ fur to match the holiday or season!

Cats in Clothes

Most of the time, pet owners seem to find plenty of options for dogs, mainly since dogs are more social creatures. It is easy to take a dog out for a walk or to a park and socialize your dog with other animals and people, which is why you will find a much wider array of dog apparel. Unfortunately, cats tend to keep more to themselves. But, high-end designs offer more feline-friendly clothing these days, allowing your cats to get in on the fun of dressing up. 

Pop Culture Trends

Are you an avid fan of Schitt’s Creek, Game of Thrones, or The Office? Maybe you’ve already seen the infamous “Enzo the samoyed” on Twitter, where a clever fan recreated the intro to the show with her dog dressed and ready to work. There are numerous trends in pop culture with TV shows, movies, and even specific characters that are fun to dress up pets to play with as long as the pet doesn’t mind, of course.

Twinning Friends and Customization

Yet another popular trend that people have adopted is the idea of matching, and now pets can get in on it, too. Owners can easily find matching outfits with their furry friends or even get matching costumes for two furry friends to wear and match. 

There are plenty of styles and colors that coordinate with human apparel. You might even consider going more custom and personalizing your styles. Customizing is a great way to show a particular fashion style, such as engraving jewelry and your pet’s collar or embroidering letters onto your clothing.

Safety Apparel

Yes, safety is still a number one priority for pets, so having apparel that is safe for them will always be trendy. Clothes and gear should fit your pet comfortably while also providing added security. For instance, you may be interested in having shoes or little booties with rubber bottoms, so your pet doesn’t slip on icy sidewalks or other slick surfaces.

The veterinarians and technicians at Bond Vet in NYC shares that they have continously witnessed many responsible pet owners opposed to apparel but don’t mind investing in it when it comes to their pet's safety. Particular gear that will keep them safe includes reflective vests, swimsuits with sunblocking elements, and boots that protect them from salt or ice melt chemicals. 

Specialized Gear

Depending on the activities or places that you take your pet, you may need to get specialized gear in apparel. For example, if you have a boat and like to take your dog out on the lake, you should always have a dog life-vest handy as an essential piece of specialized gear for your dog to wear while on the boat. 

It is also worth mentioning that when you get the apparel you need to measure correctly for a good fit on your pet. The incorrect size might end up causing problems, such as becoming too loose and falling off, or having your pet’s paw get stuck and lead to an unwelcome injury. Ensure as a responsible pet parent that when you are purchasing specialized gear and other apparel that you have your pet fitted properly.


Price is and will always be an important factor when purchasing apparel for our pets. However, style doesn’t have to come with a high price tag; there are plenty of available and affordable options (such as these adorable dog bandanas) to dress up your furry friend. 

Choosing the Best Pet Apparel

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all of the choices for dressing your pet. After all, your pet will love you unconditionally no matter what you choose to put it in. In examining the different pet apparel trends, it should not be challenging to find a style that fits your fashion sense and helps show off your furry companion’s incredible personality. Happy shopping!

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