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What makes our New Beds so SPECIAL?

So we sell beds for dogs - a lot of brands do. But what is it that sets our URBANPAWS beds apart from the rest? So glad you asked!

1) Comfort - we prioritized pooch comfort when designing our beds & came up with something super special. Our double compartment & unique central dip in the mattress allows for a natural sleeping position for all sizes of dogs. 

2) Support - our inner mattress has BOTH an orthopedic foam layer for joint support & a separate layer of recycled ball fibre for cushioning. The compartments are stitched separately so the mattress will never lose it's shape.

3) Wash-ability - the removable cover slides off in seconds & can be washed in the machine or by hand. The mattress is covered in a waterproof fabric which means it doesn't need washing!

4) Colour fastness - our beds are printed using dye sublimation which means the colours won't run in the wash or fade!

5) Durability - while there's no such thing as a chew-proof bed we've used some tough materials to get you close! The outer cover is made with a tightly woven gazebo polyester with a coated nylon base. All the seams have been double stitched & overlocked for longevity. The beds do well indoors & outdoors!

6) Water Resistance - the cover fabric is made with a water repellent gazebo polyester fabric so only long standing pools of liquid will get through. Then the water proof covered inner mattress resists all damp & prevents the bed from getting mouldy or smelly.

7) Design - they're just so cool! We decided it's enough of boring & it's time for fresh & fun! Our bold patterns are designed right here in SA with our customer's modern, home interiors & tastes in mind. We want you to love looking at your URBANPAWS dog bed, just as much as your pooch love sleeping in it!

8) Made in SA - our beds are designed, printed & manufactured by hand in Malmesbury, Western Cape. We have a close friendship with our CMT who lovingly works on each bed to make it at the best quality possible for you & your furbaby.

So if you are still thinking about buying a bed, there's really no need to look any further because we've got you covered. Give your dog the best!




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