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Wicked Walk Wear!

We are really getting known for our signature printed walk wear - customers nationwide are super excited about the styles & colours we have to offer. Out with the plain & old - in the with fun and stylish!

Here is a little bit more you need to know about what our collars, leads & harnesses have to offer.

The products are made from a custom woven nylon - it's washable, breathable & most importantly super durable! Take your pooch to the park, the beach or up the mountain and their walk wear will endure. 

Our fab design work is done right here in SA with all our customers needs in mind. Some like neutrals, some like bright and some like it different - we have you all covered. Our 3 new patterns are proving to be big hits. The Jailbird is classic in it's black & white striped glory, the Einstein is trendy with its crosses pattern in greys, yellows & with a pop of coral and lastly our Circus pops off any fur with bold triangles in blues, purples & reds. Our already popular Bailey - bright abstracts & Duke - turquoise & black colour blocking styles are still rocking the charts. The sublimation printing process ensures fade resistance & colour fastness.

All the various components are tough - steel clips & rings to ensure safety while you have your pooch out and about. The side release clips are made from sturdy plastic and to top it all off the ribbon edges are all triple stitched to avoid fraying and to ensure the stucture of your item stays intact.

In terms of shape our collars and harnesses are super practical & the sizes are very adjustable - making sure your dog gets the comfiest of fit. Remember to leave a fingers width gap to allow for good movement! Our harnesses are designed to allow pull over the shoulders rather than against the neck - much better for your furbaby! Our leads are 1.4m in medium and 1.2m in large so that it allows just the right distance for walking.

If you want your furkid to be the most envied at the park, the most stylish at the beach or the most beautiful on Insta try a set of URBANPAWS walk wear to get the look!


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