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Pixel Lead - Dog Lead

R 199.00


You are a social pup and love getting out and about. Your pawrents love you so much they always want to keep you close, so you need a leash that won't let you run away because you saw a bird and well birds are the enemy. The Urbanpaws lead is fitted with a unique safety clasp that is easy to clip on and off but only if you have opposable thumbs!  

Match it with a harness and and you are ready to stroll

Note: Harnesses, Collars and Leads sold separately


  • Heavy duty chrome metal clasp for ultimate safety
  • Super soft woven polyester to avoid irritation to human skin
  • Polyester is resistant to sun and all weather damage
  • Double Stitched for extra strength and durability 
  • Hand wash in warm soapy water, rinse well and leave to dry

Size Guide

  • Width: 2cm
  • Length 1.2m