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Raised Ceramic Bowl With Bamboo Stand - White - Pet Bowls

Raised Ceramic Bowl With Bamboo Stand - White - Pet Bowls

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Raised Ceramic Bowl with Bamboo Stand 

They say you are what you eat, but we say your meal is only as good as the dinnerware it’s served in. Go from fast food to 5-star dining when enjoying a meal or a tasty beverage from our sophisticated ceramic dinnerware.  

Curate their dining experience by choosing from a variety of options including a double bowl set for food and water or buy single bowls separately and stack them.  

Key Benefits 

  • Box contains one ceramic bowl with a bamboo stand
  • Stand made from 100% bamboo 
  • The stand raises the bowls to prevent stooping/crouching which can negatively affect the spine 
  • Handwash gently in warm water 
  • Do not expose to extreme temperatures as this weakens the bowl and could cause it to crack 

Size guide 


Small: 13cm x 5cm | 400ml  

Medium: 15.5cm x 7cm | 850ml 


Small: 14.8cm x 8.5cm 

Medium: 16.8cm x 10.5cm 

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