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Yup You Stink! Conditioning Shampoo - Hownd Dog Shampoo

Yup You Stink! Conditioning Shampoo - Hownd Dog Shampoo

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Hownd pet shampoos conditions, strengthens and restores lustre to dull coats. Spray your pet with water and apply shampoo as required. Massage well, scrubbing any particularly dirty patches and use a cloth for gentle cleaning of the face. Rinse until the water runs clear, leaving a gorgeous scent of eucalyptus and cedarwood. For short coats use less shampoo.

up You Stink! Conditioning Shampoo contains a natural grime busting formula for dogs that get extra smelly! Formulated with gentle odour neutralisers, this conditioning shampoo helps deodorise and absorb strong odours. Ideal for stinky pets who roll in stinky stuff. It will wash off urine, grease and tear stains too!  Including anti-bacterial properties and rich in wheat protein, oat kernel, argan oil and aloe leaf juice to soothe, nourish, condition and soften skin and coat. 


  • 100% Vegan
  • Leaping Bunny certified by Cruelty Free International
  • pH-balanced formula
  • Free from harsh chemicals such as alcohol, parabens, soap and dyes
  • It is safe to use with topical flea products too
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